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SAMMONS SAFETY  is based on the belief that our customers' needs and safety are of the utmost importance. I am very committed to meeting those needs.

Customer References:

Associated Builders and Contractors of Delaware

EPIC HealthCare Providers (Providing at home HealthCare Services)

Connolly Flooring - Newport Delaware

Lebo Painting - South Philadelphia 

Hercules Painting Contractors - Pennsylvania

Ahern Painting Contractors - New York, New York 

Goodwin Brothers Shades & Specialties, LLC

Customer Quotes:

Frank Sammons has re-certified our nurses here at EPIC HealthServices. Each Class seems to be more successful than the last. He is a very hard worker and dedicated to what he does and the fact that he is a mobile trainer makes it that much more convenient. Thank You Frank Sammons for all that you do. Knowledge is Power and Training is the Key, Learn CPR, Save a Life.
                          - Amanda Lathbury: Epic Health Services Office                                                                      Professional

Sammons Safety Training provided CPR to some of my nurses.. Very Knowledgeable and personal during the classes. Made the class a fun experience while learning life saving skills. I will definitely continue to use him for our CPR needs here at EPIC Health Services.
                        - Traci Lathbury : EPIC Health Services                                         DIRECTOR

Very Devoted, and Honestly cares about the Trade
                        - Joe Kelly : Union Bridge Painting Professional
                                                   Union Bridge Painting Trainer                                                              Williamson Trade School                                                                          Fellow Alumni

Completely motivated, dedicated to his job. Great person to work with.
                        - David Capuano : Union Bridge Painting                                                                                Professional

Frank is one of the hardest working, dedicated guys I know. When Frnk does something, he starts with his head and finishes with his heart...
                       - Isaiah Dougherty : Union Bridge Painting                                                                               Professional

If Drive = Success then Frank Sammons is a Ferrari.
                       - John Bradley : Corrosion Engineer
                                 Williamson Trade School fellow Alumni

What can be said. Hard working people always catch the eye !

                      - Erika Sanchez : Business Professional with Aster                                                         Drywall

Frank Sammons is an honest, hard working, dedicated, passionate friend that I had the pleasure to meet while working in Philadelphia.

        - Spiro Arvantidis : Union Bridge Painting Foreman                                                            Hercules Painting Co.

Frank Sammons is a hard working, dedicated man! I have known Frank for over 30 years and can certainly speak to his character ... Amazing man!

                     - Amy Conway Drennan

Frank Sammons, I have known him for over 30 years & he has always worked hard at what he wanted to achieve. Very impressed at what he has accomplished so far in life at a professional & personal level.

                    - Bill Conway

Frank Sammons is a determined, hard working, strong willed, resourced man. I have had the pleasure of knowing him since high school. For 20 years I have watched his drive push him hard into his career. His work speaks for itself. I will continue to support his work and refer him to everyone.

                   - Shannon Sutfin


Certified CPR, FirstAid and AED Instructor:          #  891651 

Authorized OSHA Instructor:                                           # C 0082289  
Authorized to Train and Issue OSHA 10hr and OSHA 30hr Cards. 

EHS:   Environmental Health and Safety Specialist  # 503380

STS:     Safety Trained Supervisor
Credentials recognized by the Board of Certified Safety               Professionals.               # IEX10387

OSHA 510:   OSHA Standards course.

OSHA 10hr

OSHA 30hr

132hr Occupational Safety and Health Professional

48hr Occupational Safety and Health Manager

40hr Occupational Safety and Health Specialist

36hr Occupational Safety and Health Supervisor

36hr Safety Committee / Team Leader

36hr Occupational Safety and Health Trainer 

32hr Safety Committee / Team Member

2hr CFR1910.030 Bloodborne Pathogens

N.A.C.E. Level 2 Certified # 7830

S.C.U.B.A.  Certified Level 1

SSPC  C-3:     Competent Person Certified in Lead abatement of Structural Steel.

Fall Protection Certified

Aerial Work Platform Operator Certified

Aerial Man lift Operator Certified

Confined Space Awareness Certified

Confined Space Operation Certified

Through 14 years of hands on experience on projects such as Major Bridge  rehabilitation projects, N.Y.C. Elevated Rail Transportation System Rehabilitation, High Power Electrical Towers and Large Gantry Cranes Standing 5 Stories High in which all projects have taken place in New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia.

I  have  developed  a  great  deal  of  Safety Knowledge. I  have  had  many  close  calls  and  many  friends  get  seriously  hurt. With  the  knowledge  I  have  gained  and  the  injuries  I  have  witnessed  I decided  to  make  a  difference. 

Project locations: 


Manhattan Bridge - Manhattan N.Y.
Verrazzanno-Narrows bridge - Brooklyn New York
Throgs Neck Bridge - Queens New York
Outer Bridge Crossing - Staten Island New York
Triborough Bridge - Manhattan New York


RT.35 ManasquanBridge - Manasquan New Jersey
150ft. High Power Electrical Tower - Newark New Jersey
Gantry Cranes Standing Stories High - Port Newark - Elizabeth Marine Terminal Serving as the Principal Container Ship Facility for the Northeastern Quadrant of North America and the 3rd Largest Terminal in the Country.


Ben Franklin Bridge - Philadelphia P.A.
Girard Point Bridge - Philadelphia P.A.
Platt Bridge - Philadelphia P.A.
Walt Whitman Bridge - Philadelphia P.A.
Betsy Ross Bridge - Philadelphia P.A.
Commodore Barry Bridge - Philadelphia P.A.

Knowledge Is Power and Training is the Key!!!

Training offers more than just knowledge and education. Training allows your self Or your employees to feel empowered and prepared for the Hazards ahead. Training also reduces accidents and injuries therefore reducing your workers compensation costs for your company and time away from work as employees.

Training can be presented at any location the customer desires.

Hours:       Accepting Calls at all Hours.



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